Art,  Power, Gift

Art is special.  It is not like a car, a washing machine or a pair of sneakers, simple commodities that wear out over time.  Art is quite the opposite.   With each exchange of hands the value of art increases.  As art is shared by more and more people, its power grows.

How does this happen?

When art is shared, the artist’s vision becomes further etched in the world.  Quite simply, as more people see the art, the art commands a bigger place in the world. 

Think about the way we use the term “gifted” to describe a talented artist.  Think about the artwork itself as the gift.  Think about sharing the gift. 

What is art worth?  A lot.

The Project

The Gift Project was created in 2009 by artist Bill Liebeskind.    Bill sent 28 art pieces to 28 people as gifts, to be enjoyed for two months. After two months, those people were asked to pass the artwork on to others to enjoy, with the understanding that after another 2 months, they would be passed along again. . . and again.

Five new artists joined The Gift Project in the spring of 2010.  With their inclusion, the Gift Project entered new territory, as it became an international museum, dedicated to the sharing of art without  the strings of commerce attached.

The Gift Project artists believe that value in art is created by people, not by money.

Giving The Gift. 

A Simple Idea.

If you are participating in this project, we hope you will appreciate the spirit of the Gift Project.   Enjoy the artwork while it is in your hands.  After two months, give the art to someone whom you think will appreciate it, and ask that person to pass it on after two months.

This website will chart the movement of each artwork.  You can also join the blog on this site and contribute to the conversation.

Enjoy the gift of art.

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