about Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein is a California-based artist who works primarily with discarded and salvaged materials.  Her work reflects a fascination with the geometry of built environments and ways in which the horizonal and vertical grids that characterize urban spaces are echoed in everyday functional items such as quilts, books and maps.  While formal issues of color and composition are her main focus, the indications of use--stairs, rips, creases, fading and writing--are equally significant, as they not only reference other tmes and places, but also hint at unspoken, lost histories.

Since 2008 Lisa has been making collages using mostly pre-1940’s sheet music covers.  “I am attracted to the rich range of solid color printing inks of that era, the surface quality of aged paper, and to the typographic features that evoke an earlier time.   My work in fabric also incorporates found and salvaged materials with a restricted color palette and simplicity of technique that reference craft traditions and skills associated with domesticity.        

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