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Bill Liebeskind  is an artist, a comic book maker, a public school art teacher, and a devoted father.  His path looks like this: New Haven, Connecticut > Oberlin, Ohio > New York City > Barcelona > New York City.  Wellfleet, Massachusetts fits in there every summer.

Currently, Bill teaches art at P.S. 30 in Harlem.  His artwork is represented in private collections in the United States, France and Spain, and in his own home and a storage space in the Bronx.  Bill created The Gift Project in the spring of 2009.  Today there are 28 of his artworks traveling around the world permanently.  In the spring of 2010, Bill expanded the project to include five more artists.  He hopes to continue to grow the project to include many more artists who will share their works around the world.

Bill was represented by East Village art galleries back in the East Village days.  With the demise of the East Village art scene, Bill went underground and spent many years unrepresented by a commercial gallery.  Today he is represented by Gallery EHVA in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

                                                                                       to contact Bill :       


                                                                                       phone: 212-865-4142

                                                                                       cell: 917-254-6835

                                                                                       66 West 94th Street, apt. 7B

                                                                                       New York, NY 10025

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